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Your Baby Diaper Manufacturer with experience of 20 years

Discover New Ecocare’s exclusive selection of baby diapers, meticulously designed for various sectors including retail, healthcare, wholesale, online markets, global trade, private labels etc.

As a top-tier manufacturer, each diaper showcases our dedication to quality, providing unmatched comfort, excellent leak defense, and gentle materials suited for delicate baby skin. Crafted with advanced absorbency technology, our diapers ensure a dry, soothing experience for infants. Choose our blend of quality and innovation, fulfilling a range of retail and healthcare needs with our eco-friendly, dependable diaper options.

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Extensive Experience

With more than two decades of experience in the hygiene product sector, we offer expert knowledge and dependable manufacturing.

Large-Scale Capacity

Backed on 20-years own factory 15 modern production lines, we have excellent capabilities to handle different kind of bulk orders.

Customized Solutions

OEM, ODM customized orders can be well supported from design, weight, material, absorbency, etc. to meet your any own detailed orders

Global Reach

New Ecocare's baby diapers have been exported to more than 50 countries retailer, manufacturer, online platform etc.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Sustainable materials, reduced waste, energy-efficient processes, recycling, biodegradable components, and non-toxic chemicals in baby diaper production.

Innovative Quality

Constantly advancing through cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior and innovative hygiene products.

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Raw Material

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Baby Diapers Wholesale Production Line

Production Line

Baby Diapers Production Line

Production Line

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As a manufacturer of baby diapers, our fully automated and standardized production process can be outlined as follows:

  • Raw Material Preparation: Quality raw materials like super absorbent polymers, fluff pulp, and non-woven fabric are procured and tested for quality.
  • Core Formation and Assembly: The absorbent core is formed by mixing polymers and pulp, then layered with soft top sheets and waterproof back sheets. This includes adding adhesives and elastic materials for fit.
  • Cutting and Shaping: High-precision machinery cuts and shapes the assembled materials into diapers, ensuring consistency in size and shape.
  • Application of Fasteners: Fasteners, such as adhesive strips or Velcro, are applied for secure and adjustable fitting.
  • Quality Control: Each diaper undergoes strict quality checks for leaks, material strength, and fastener effectiveness.
  • Packing and Distribution: The diapers are counted, packaged, and stored for distribution, maintaining hygiene and quality until they reach the consumer.

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A: Yes, we are professional manufacturer with our own factory in Putian City for 20 years.

A: Yes, we can offer free sample for your checking and at your shipping cost.

A: We offer comprehensive customization, including size, material, absorbency levels, packaging, and branding.

A: We offer comprehensive customization, including size, material, absorbency levels, packaging, and branding.

A: Our factory is equipped with advanced machinery, capable of meeting large-scale demands efficiently.
A: We prioritize eco-friendly materials and processes to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices.
A: We offer one 20 container with 1-2 sizes option; 40HQ can handle with 3-4 sizes(according to detailed products)

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