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As an 20-year experienced manufacturer in china, New Ecocare owns multiple productions lines for different kinds of custom adult diapers, baby diapers, wet wipes, pet diapers and other hygiene products.

The Adult Diapers are similar to those used by infants but are sized and shaped to fit adults. They are commonly used by the elderly, people with certain medical conditions, those recovering from surgery, or individuals who have mobility issues that make using the toilet difficult. 

How Numbers Define us

Years Experience
Exported Countries
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Production Lines
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Customization Details

To meet the diverse customization needs of different customers for custom adult diapers, New Ecocare provides customization details in various dimensions. Customers can customize the materials, patterns, and performance features according to their requirements.
custom oem adult diaper supplier
Which parts can be customized
1. Raw MaterialsBiodegradable materials
Non-Woven fabric
2. Weight of Diapers
3. TopsheetVarious textures 
different technology processed materials
4. Backsheetvarious materials to choose
free customized pattern
5. Frontvarious materials to choose
free customized prints
6. Absorbency
7. Velcrodifferent materials
different shapes

Manufacturing Details

As a experienced manufacturer we focus on the craftsmanship, technology, and attention to detail that go into creating our diapers, wet wipes, underpads etc.

Packaging and Loading for our Adult Diapers Products

Packaging and Loading for our Adult Diapers Products

Item No.SizeSpecificationHip SizeAbsorbency (ml)Packing BagLoading quantity piece in 1*40HQ
Custom Adult DiapersM760*59028″ – 44″ (71-112cm)80010*10150,000
L800*71042″ – 60″ (107-153cm)96010*10135,000
XL880*85058″ – 67″ (148-170cm)112010*10112,000
XXL960*85065″ – 74″ (165-188cm)128010*1095,000
Adult Diapers
Packing BagLoading Quantity
Piece (1*40HQ)

Videos for Custom Adult Diapers Production Line

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A: We are totally manufacturer with 16 production lines, enabling us to meet the diverse needs of different product lines and customers.

A: We offer comprehensive customization, including size, material, absorbency levels, packaging, and branding.

A: Yes, we can offer free sample for your checking and at you pay the shipping fee for sample.

A: Yes we offer different options for custom details, like weight, absorbency, material, pattern etc. Just tell us what details you want to customize!

A: We offer one 20 container with 1-2 sizes option; 40HQ can handle with 3-4 sizes(according to detailed products)

A: You are welcome to visit our factory to witness our production capabilities, attention to detail in manufacturing, and our commitment to excellence in our products.



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