Why Should I Wear Adult Diapers When Taking The U.S. Bar Exam?

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In April 2022, Kim Kardashian revealed on the American TV talk show “The Ellen Show” that her secret weapon for passing the bar exam was: wearing adult incontinence diapers. “I actually bought pannolini usa e getta per adulti when I took the bar exam because I thought I was going to have to sit there for eight hours straight and I didn’t know how it was going to work,” Kardashian said.

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In the United States, if you want to become a practicing attorney, you must pass the bar exam.
In fact, Kim Kardashian took not the bar exam, but the baby bar, the exam for first-year law students. Of course, participating in a baby bar does not mean that you have to dress up like a baby, but for candidates who are struggling to take the exam, wearing disposable adult diapers can save the prime time of going to and from the toilet and have more time to write questions.

In the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian revealed that she failed a test three times in two years. It wasn’t until December last year that Kim Kardashian announced on Instagram that she had passed the baby bar exam and finally avenged her shame.

Instead of taking the traditional college route to a law degree, she followed the apprenticeship route of studying as a working lawyer. Passing the baby bar is just the first step to get your bar exam ticket. Adult briefs helped her hand in satisfactory answers. If you take a look at the Reddit sub-community r/law school, you will find that this trick is by no means innovative. Rather, it is a secret skill used by many law students or reserve lawyers.

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In 2020, the bar exam policies of various states in the United States were adjusted due to the epidemic. Some states prohibit going to the restroom of the test center during lunch and before the exam. It is also not recommended to leave the test center during lunch break and drive to eat elsewhere. There are no restaurants or other on-site restrooms near the test center buildings.
Theoretically, candidates have only one remaining option, which is to use up the exam time to go to the toilet. Desperate for adult brief diapers to break the ice, they turned to reddit forums to see if they were worth a try.

Of course, some people are not willing to wear free adult briefs and instead train themselves to control their bladder. Even if it is for the sake of time management, in order to enter the legal profession that I have studied hard for three years, the result is that I have to wet my pants in public during the final exam, which shows the sadness of a little person.

This is a personal game that combines stress and time factors. You have to analyze whether you can get greater benefits by using heavy adult diapers in the exam room or taking 15 minutes to go to the bathroom.
“Diaper Wiki” website analysis, wearing overnight diapers for elderly to take the bar exam can be regarded as a coup. Considering that the minimum pass rate for the U.S. Bar Examination is 38% in each state, and the online bar exam does not allow candidates to go to the bathroom, you should focus on the exam, not how to divert the sudden gush of human waste fluid into water bottles, trash cans, etc. in the container. If you don’t want to live broadcast and act wild, you may even have to experience repeated replays by the invigilator to figure out whether you are in a hurry or taking advantage of the opportunity to cheat.
Then put on heavy incontinence diapers and you can eliminate all embarrassment and distraction right from the start.

Disposable adult pants are more like insurance that law students buy for themselves. You don’t have to use them, but it’s best to have them. Wear best overnight adult diapers to take the law exam, whether online or offline, you have one more choice.
In a subject that you are not sure about, 5 minutes may be the key to reversing the result.

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