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One Stop Adult Pull Up Diapers Manufacturer China for 20 years

As the awareness of adult hygiene products consumption and use continues to improve, the use of adult diapers is increasing. This has led to continuous upgrades in the production of adult diapers, with quality constantly improving. As a Chinese Adult Pull Up Diapers Manufacturer, we possess advanced hygiene product manufacturing equipment and have 20 years of rich experience in procurement, production, management, and sales teams.

Through continuous industrial upgrading and iteration, our diapers have gained increasing recognition from customers.  We also have quite mature export experience, providing customers with one-stop procurement and after-sales service.

Why Choose New Ecocare's Adult Pull Up Diapers

20 Years Manufacturing Experience

20 years of expertise in producing high-quality products, ensuring reliability and innovation in every item produced.

Strict Quality Control

Rigorous testing and inspection protocols to guarantee superior product quality and consistency, meeting the highest industry standards.

Comprehensive certification system

Accredited with globally recognized certifications (CE, ECOCERT, FDA, FSC, OEKO-TEX, ISO), showcasing our commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability.

Fast Shipment

Near to Xiamen Port, efficient logistics and supply chain management enable rapid delivery, ensuring your orders arrive on time, every time.

How to Customize the Adult Pull up Diapers?

We are open to all custom orders for baby diapers, allowing you to tailor the design to your specifications. This includes customizable aspects such as size, material, packaging, and formulation to meet your unique needs.

custom adult diapers pull up

Logo: We accept Logo or label printing on the diapers as your requirements.

Printing Pattern: If your have any print pattern needed to be put on, we can help.

Впитываемость: You can choose your absorbency for different size.

Packaging Design: You can design your own bag pattern with your logo, products, benefits etc.

Material: Cotton, Bamboo or other organic materials available.

Параметры настройки
АртикулМин. Заказ Количество (шт.)
Индивидуальный логотип100,000
Графическая печать на заднем листе100,000
Индивидуальная упаковка100,000
Процедура изготовления собственной марки подгузников OEM

Diapers Manufacturing Details

As a experienced manufacturer we focus on the craftsmanship, technology, and attention to detail that go into creating our Adult Pull Up Diapers, addressing the needs and expectations of our customers.

Cleaning before production

Cleaning before production

production with workers

Workers in factory

Adult Pull Up Diapers production line form Manufacturer China

Adult Pull Up Diapers production line

Adult Pull Up Diapers Packaging

Cleaning before production

Adult Diapers Quality Test

Cleaning before production

Adult Diaper Loading and Shipping

Cleaning before production

Order Adult Pull Up Diapers from us

1. Send Inquiry

Just contact us via contact form, email or phone with your requirements details for the wet wipes, we will get in touch with you rapidly.

2. Order Confirm

Our sales team will discuss with you to confirm the wipe materials, design, payment, shipment and any other order details.

3. Production & Inspection

Once order placed and advanced payment made, we will arrange the production as we discuss before. At the same time we will also reply to you with our wet wipe manufacturing progress.

4. Delivery

When all wet wipes production is finished, we will inform you and arrange the shipment. Meanwhile we will also handle the payment, documents, shipment, custom clearance to help you to receive the goods soon.

News of Adult Pull Up Diapers

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A: Yes we are Chinese factory with 15 production line in Putian City, Fujian, China.

A: We passed the quality  standards like CE, AS/NZS, ECOCERT, FDA, OEKO, FSC, ISO9001, ISO14001.

A: Yes, we can send free sample to your checking and at your shipping cost.

A: We offer comprehensive customization, including size, material, Ingredients, packaging, and branding & labeling.

A: Our factory is equipped with advanced machinery, capable of meeting large-scale demands efficiently.

A: We prioritize eco-friendly materials and processes to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices with our advanced and high efficiency production lines.

A: Мы предлагаем один контейнер 20 с 1-2 размерами; 40HQ может работать с 3-4 размерами (в соответствии с подробными продуктами).


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